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Concert Meetup Info

I'm always looking forward to meeting new buddies at concerts! If you live near the DC area and you are planning to go to a concert that I'm going to as well, send me a message on instagram if you want to spend time at the concert together!! :]

My Upcoming Concerts!


at The Anthem (DC)
Sun • Mar 27, 2022 • 8pm

    Upcoming concerts that I'm planning to attend

    Lorde - Solar Power Tour
    at The Anthem (DC)
    Sat • Apr 16, 2022 • 7:30 pm
    -- -- -- --
    Ricky Montgomery - Back in Business Tour
    at Union Stage (DC)
    Wed • May 4, 2022 • 7:00 pm
    -- -- -- --
    Will Wood – The “In Case I Die” Tour
    at Jammin Java (Vienna, VA)
    Sun • May 8, 2022 • 7:30 pm
    -- -- -- --
    Belle and Sebastian
    at Filene Center at Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA)
    Wed •June 15, 2022 • 7:00 pm

    Music I Like :^)

    -The Scary Jokes
    -Will Wood
    -The Toasters
    -Saint Motel
    -Caro Emerald
    -Belle and Sebastian
    -Mother Mother
    -hannah montana soundtrack

    Please DO NOT use my art for any generative AI or NFTs.
    Where have you BEEN???
    I recently graduated from UMD so I am no longer a student. I currently model for figure drawing sessions and art classes in the Maryland and DMV area.
    I had originally planned on doing animation industry work or something adjacent in the entertainment field, but industries are very rough at the moment.What programs do you use?!?!?!
    For digital illustrations: I primarily use Paint Tool SAI. I have recently been using Rebelle Pro 5 for painterly works! Sometimes I use Photoshop or Photopea for touchups and formatting. I dabble with Procreate too.
    For animatics: Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 20
    For animations: TVPaint Animation 11 Pro, Toonboom Harmony Essentials 21
    What tablet do you use?!?!?!
    I currently use a HUION Kamvas Pro 16. I have used a Wacom Intuos in the past.
    Hey I think I recognize your art a little...! Have I seen your stuff before?
    You might have! I made a lot of art during my teen years in the 2010s. You might have seen some under the moniker pastel-chaos (now dangdfeng) and pastel-gems on Tumblr. I also used to post on DeviantArt under Milkii-Ways.
    Do you take commissions/art trades?
    At the moment, no. I have done some in the past so I might revisit it! Something about commissions kind of stressed me out and made me feel burnt out quickly so I don’t do them often.
    What are your brush settings?
    For Paint Tool SAI, I have primarily been using some variation of the Splotched Sidewalk brush texture. I switch the actual settings around a lot.
    For Rebelle Pro 5, I use the default oil brush settings the most.Will you make fanart for _ again?
    I am currently trying to focus on making more original content so unless there is something that extremely compels me to make fanart, I probably won’t.
    What happened to the Roun Frens stickers or the Cosmicals Greetings Cards on your Etsy Shop?
    The Cosmicals Greetings Cards rarely sell so I took them off the shop. With Roun Frens stickers, I got burnt out from making those. If you would really really really like a Cosmicals greetings card or a Round Frens sticker sheet, shoot me a message on Etsy.
    Can I repost your art anywhere?
    If it's my general art pieces, no. If it is the Cosmicals reactions gif animations, that's fine. If you think there is a specific exception, please contact me for permission first.
    Can I use your art as icon / profile pic / header / playlist cover?
    Yes but please credit me somewhere
    Can I draw your OC?
    YES!!! I LOVE THAT! (please share with me btw because I wanna see that) You are also free to redesign or reimagine my OCs
    Can I use your art for personal wallpaper/tattoo/phone background?
    Where are you most active?
    Mostly instagram and tumblr. I have a twitter and I lurk there sometimes but I rarely interact or post.
    Where are you from?